John D’Oh

John Doe is the name given to an unknown corpse by the police, or at least it is in TV cop shows. Even though this an American usage, the popularity of US cop shows in the UK means it is well known back across the pond too.

John Hancock is a synonym for signature in American English. Hancock’s signature on the Declaration of Independence is flamboyant and very clear; hence the usage.

Why the two paragraphs about these two usages of John? Until this weekend I had never thought of the two in the same context. On Saturday I ordered a pizza for delivery. The woman who delivered it handed me the credit card slip and a pen; then asked for my “John Doe”.

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  1. There’s another use for “John”. Thankfully, that wasn’t used by the pizza delivery woman… 🙂

  2. And just to take this to another level… From Robin Hood – Men in Tights:

    King Richard to Prince John
    Brother, you have surrounded your given name with a foul stench! From this day forth, all the toilets in this kingdom shall be known as “Johns”.

  3. Must have been killer pizza.

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