Some Random Observations on Germany

During the aforementioned enforced stroll through the German countryside and on a couple of other occasions, we saw cigarette vending machines attached to fences. It seems odd to have them outside in public places. It would seem to make it far too easy for children to purchase tobacco. However, on closer examination the signage implied that you needed to insert a driving license or credit card for age verification. I thought that resolved the underage issue, until my boss pointed out that “borrowing” a parent’s license would overcome that hurdle. I guess I am no naive to be a master criminal.

The Germans understand beer; other drinks less well. My boss asked for a Martini with Bombay Sapphire; he had seen the distinctive bottle on the shelf. The order was taken, but a few minutes later, another barman returned to clarify. He wanted to know what was this Sapphire. My boss pointed to the blue bottle. The barman asked if he meant the Gin; to which the response was positive. Understanding dawned and the barman said “You want a Martini, but with Gin”. James Bond has a lot for which to answer. Mind you Americans have a similar problem with Shepherds Pie, which they make with minced beef and not lamb.

Several times we saw people with their dogs in restaurants. In one case, the pooch was wandering between tables, begging for scraps.

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  1. Well a proper Shepherd’s Pie should contain real shepherd, and in France people take their children to the restaurant, whom then wander between tables begging for scraps whilst smoking Gauloises.

  2. Tim, have you been reading Jonathan Swift lately??

    Apologies in advance to those with children but … if one can take children to a restaurant, one ought to be able to take a dog. There’s little difference, except that children are unsanitary and loud.

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