Further Travels in Germany

One might have thought that after the failure to change trains correctly which was described in an earlier post, that we might avoid German public transport for the rest of this trip. However, common sense deserted us on our return to Frankfurt and we decided to use the underground to go from our hotel to a restaurant we had found via Yelp. We did have advice on the route and a map from the woman in the hotel to guide us, so this seemed a risk worth taking.

The underground station was fairly easy to find, a sign with a large blue U on it was a clear clue. It was at the bottom of the stairs that things started to get complicated. The ticket machine was in German, but the screen had a flag that indicated English was an option. Pressing the screen did nothing. Eventually we realized that the screen was not touch sensitive and that we needed to press a physical button on the machine. Now we had English on the screen, although it was still not obvious how we needed to proceed. After some effort we figured out which buttons to press, although several times we tried to use the screen as though it was touch sensitive. After much pressing of buttons, we had two tickets ordered for €3.20.

I inserted a €20 note, which the machine rejected, before we noticed a sign that stated that it would accept no notes larger than €10. We went in search of a machine that would accept credit cards. It did not seem happy with US cards, as it rejected both mine and my boss’s card. I presume it was trying to read the non-existent chip. Fortunately, the locals are friendly and we found someone happy to change a €20 note.


German Stock Exchange

We had our tickets and the map and signage were clear enough that we reached our destination without incident. The Google maps app on my phone guided us to our restaurant. We enjoyed a good meal, although I know several people would find the idea of a pizza with BBQ sauce, ham, and maple syrup less than appetizing.

After the meal we had a conference call with the US, which we took outside the restaurant. We then discussed whether we should walk the few kilometers through the city back to our hotel or repeat the underground journey. By this time both of our iPhones were showing low battery life. We decided that we would not make the journey back on foot before power was exhausted, and opted for the route we knew.

The more observant of my readers may have noted what we only realized the following morning; we had a sheet of paper with a map showing the city streets. Before Google maps and iPhones, I believe that people existed who had the skills needed to navigate a few kilometers of city streets with these documents.


Frankfurt Underground

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  1. Some of us still do. 😉

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