A Sunday Afternoon Stroll

After lunch in Frankfurt we caught an express train heading South. Our final destination involved a change of trains. We checked the timetable, which was arranged by departure time and found the name of the town and the platform from the service would depart. We went across and boarded the train which sat ready to depart.

After a short journey, the train drew into the first stop. I stood up and headed for the door. My traveling companion told me that was not our stop. It was the correct town name, but the wrong station. I sat down. The train went on and there was an announcement naming a completely different town; this was clearly wrong. We looked at the map on the train. We were on the wrong line, one that ran by our town and not through it.

We disembarked at the stop, hoping to get a taxi that could take us to our hotel. This station could more accurately be described as a halt. There was no taxi. We did not know when the next train that would take us back would arrive; Sunday is not a day universally known for good public transport. A search for taxi firms in the vicinity had no positive results.

Google maps told us that it was a little over 3km on foot. We decided that we would start to walk and we could hail a passing cab, or drop into a bar, get a beer and have them order a taxi. We started the journey, dragging cases behind us. We saw no taxis; the only bar was closed. That bar was across from a bus stop, but the next bus was an hour away. We have since found that the bus not only went into town, but stopped right outside the hotel.

We finally saw a taxi right outside our hotel as we finished our hour long trudge through the German countryside. Stepping out of the cab was our colleague from England, who had boarded his train in Frankfurt just about the time we had disembarked at the wrong station.

I would like to lay the blame at the feet of my traveling partner, but he his my boss, so I shall have to acknowledge that is all my fault.

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  1. Bummer!! And yet, this made me laugh heartily, and I had to read it aloud to Dave who also quite enjoyed this tale of woe. After all, what good is a trip abroad without an adventure or two?

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