I am traveling. I am writing this sat in a bar in a Frankfurt hotel. I arrived here this morning from Dallas. This is my first visit to Germany, the twenty-sixth different country that I have visited in my life.

The hotel in Dallas was built into the airport terminal. My room looked out over the runway. It was a spacious room and had all of the light switches labelled, so I did not have to play that game where you push everyone in an attempt to turn off the bedside light. Unfortunately, this helpful approach was somewhat undone by the fact that some lights were on switches that toggled; press once to turn on and again to turn off. Other lights had separate on and off switches. This left me pressing the on switch in futile attempts to darken the bathroom. I was also confused as the bulbs were energy efficient CFL, so you turned them on and three was a delay. Sometimes,I would press twice, the light going on for a brief moment before darkness returns. Seeing energy efficient lights in Texas was odd, as I thought that such Eco awareness was equivalent to anti-American behaviors in the Lone Star state.

To get through the jet lag and stay awake to a sensible local time, I am watching football in the hotel’s sports bar. All of the screens are showing Köln v Bayer Leverkusen. The sports bar attempts to emulate an American bar – an effect undone by its focus on the beautiful game. However, there is a Mark McGwire shirt over the bar. It is a Cardinals era one and not the green and gold.


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  1. Kind of artistic shot of your travelling companion.

    Is it cold? It’s somewhere around 65 this morning in the Crick, cheery and bright.

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