Dessert by the Trough

I have written many entries over the year on the size of US portions. Here is another one. On Friday we went with another couple to Compadres a great Mexican restaurant in Napa. After a delightful meal, a sampler plate of desserts was ordered. We expected to get small samples of several sweet dishes; there is a clue in the name after all. What we actually got was a trough with full size helpings of the desserts.

Desert Sampler

There is fried ice-cream, brownie with ice cream, banana in cinnamon coated tortilla (with ice cream), and a light creme brûlée (oddly enough with ice cream)

Maybe we should not have been so surprised, as the evening started with this drink being delivered to me.

IMG 0529

This is a Cazuela; a mixture of two rums, tequila, brandy, juice of orange, lemon, and lime, topped up with 7-up. Very tasty and not compatible with driving home; fortunately I was not in the role of designated driver.

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  1. The size of the drink reminds Dave and I of the Giggling Marlin in Cabo San Lucas, many years ago when we were at the age to close a place down. Apparently when one ordered a margarita at this establishment, it meant ENDLESS REFILLS as when our waitserver would note a slight reduction in the amount of liquid in our glasses he promptly topped us off – until around 3 am when we stumbled back our harborview room (me, in an appropriate fit of giggles during said stumble).

    Desserts look very pretty and I am experiencing a vicarious sugar rush! Must try this place.

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