Film Club

Fortunately, the first rule of Film Club is not “You do not talk about FILM CLUB” so I can write this post.

At work a group of us have started a film club. It will work like a book club. Over the course of each month, we will watch two films, then meet and discuss them. The movies need to be available streaming on Netflix, so that all members have access to them. We each suggested several films. The names were dropped into a hat, well a coffee mug as there was no head wear to hand. The two drawn for the month of February are Trollhunter and Delicatessen.

I have seen the latter a couple of times, but it is worthy of watching again. I have heard good things about Trollhunter, which is why it was one of my nominations


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  1. Hmmm. Outlook apparently ate the NDA we sent for the Film Club. The Rules Committee will have to meet to decide upon an appropriate punishment.

    Looking forward to watching both films. Perhaps while the rest of the nation is watching the Superbowl!

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