I Have a Bad Feeling About This

A useful decision making technique is to list all the reasons for and against a particular course of action. You can then look at the list of pros and cons and make an informed choice. I shall apply that method to help me decide if I should go and see Phantom Menace 3D when it opens in a few weeks.


    I think that 3D is a gimmick that adds nothing to a movie, especially one that was not designed to be in 3D
    I have seen the film before
    It is not a good film and that is an understatement on the same level as saying Coors is not a complex and tasty beer
    It has Jar Jar Binks
    It has lots of Jar Jar Binks
    It has racial stereotypes that would have offended 1970s Northern comedians


    It is Star Wars

So balancing the pros and cons, my choice is clear. Go to Phantom Menace I shall.
Because it is Star Wars

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  1. Brilliant decision!

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