Football (Not the American kind)

Most of the games from the Premier League are broadcast in their entirety on US television. They are not all live, as there are still more games at 3pm on Saturday afternoon than can be shown simultaneously. Thus many games are shown time-shifted. With the eight hour difference between California and the UK, I would probably not wish to watch a 3pm game live in any case, as 7am on Saturday morning is not my ideal time to start the weekend.

With Norwich being back in the Premier League, all but two of their first twenty games have been on TV. Due to travel and holiday commitments, I have not seen all of the remaining games, but I have seen far more than if I still lived in the UK.

The commentary is from British broadcasters, so I am spared people talking about offense, jerseys, and other incorrect American terminology. The commentary is clearly not focused for US viewers, as I doubt that references to Twickenham and Delia Smith would make much sense to locals.

One thing that was beginning to annoy me was that mention was always made of Norwich’s first game of the 2009-2010 season. This was a terrible 7-1 home defeat by Colchester which started Norwich’s return to the third tier of English football with a sense of dread. The cliche about it being darkest just before dawn applied in this case. Within a a week that manager had gone and was replaced by the man who had been in charge of Colchester. Paul Lambert turned the team round, managed them to two successive promotions and a return to the Premier League.

The last time that Norwich were in the top flight, they won no games away from home. In the first 10 away games of the season, they have on twice and, and drawn four. The season has a long way to go, but the start is promising. Only once have Norwich been thrashed and plenty of teams have been thumped by Manchester City this season.

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