Living in the Future

When I was a child Science Fiction films showed a future with video phones and computers that responded to voice commands. My iPhone 4S has these features; I am living in the future. 

The voice commands allow me to place phone calls to people in my address book, either by name or by my relationship. I can tell the phone to “call my wife” and it will place a call. Apple provides full support for Mormons as you can specify multiple people as being your wife. If I instruct the phone “Tell my wife that we need milk”, the phone sends a text message with the requested contact. 

The phone will respond with its own voice. If you configure the phone to use US English you hear a female voice; when set up for UK English the voice is male. I have no idea why Apple decided to switch genders.

In addition to the previously mentioned voice commands, there are a plethora of other ways that the phone can handle your instructions. Some of them less useful than others; as can be seen by this screenshot from my phone.


One of the problems of having the future arrive is it leaves me wanting other elements of those visions; teleportation being number one on the list.

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  1. I like the response. Practical instructions!

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