There is no Fifth Destination

I love playing with new technology, after all I am geek at heart. The iPhone 4s includes software called Siri, that responds to voice commands. It is by far the best voice recognition software that I have yet to encounter. That praise, however, is like describing The Island as Michael Bay’s best movie – true, but that still does not make it The Godfather.

Siri does it right most of the time, but when she fails she can miss the mark by some distance. I was dictating a text to let my wife know that I was at San Francisco airport. My phone rendered that as San Francisco apple psychic. Clearly in this case, my Apple phone was less than psychic. I could understand it taking an uncommon word and rendering it as a more frequently uttered one. However, even in San Francisco people don’t talk about fruits with mental powers as often as they use the word airport.

Prior to Siri, I could not get the phone to dial my wife with voice commands, it would either try to phoning one of several Egyptian contacts or play some seemingly random song. That problem is now fixed by Siri knowing the phrase “Call my wife”.

My car’s voice recognition is on a whole other level, I have long since given up on issuing voice commands. The straw that broke the camel’s back being its response to the “Go Home” command which is supposed to get the GPS to calculate the route back to our house. Instead it responded by saying “Displaying Campgrounds” and adding icons for same to the map.

Mind you, I suppose I should be grateful that even Siri that uses my name in responses has yet to say “Sorry, I can’t do that Dave”

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  1. If I were in your place, I’d waste a lifetime trying to get Siri to say that.

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