Honour the Flag

For a nation that takes such pride in its own flag, Americans seem oblivious to how other people may feel about their own flag. Twice in recent weeks I have seen presentations in which the flag of the United Kingdom was shown upside down. This was not a deliberate error, as when I notified the authors of the mistake they expressed surprise that there was a wrong way to show the flag.

For any Americans reading this blog, I hope that this graphic makes it clear that there is a correct orientation for the flag of the United Kingdom.

UK Flag Right Wrong

Note that the red diagonal is not centred on  the white. The wider part of the white should be at the top on the left hand side.

It is not just presentations in which this insult to a nation is perpetrated. In Transformers 2, the UK flag is inverted. The shot is long enough that I spotted this error in the one and only time I saw that film. To put the error into perspective; the insult to the British flag pales into insignificance compared to the affront to the entire movie-watching public that Transformers 2:Revenge of the Fallen represents

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