Doggy Bag

In the UK it is not common for people to take excess food away from restaurants. In fact on at least one occasion when we asked to do so, we were told that we could not do so. Here in the US, it is extremely common for people to take left over food home with them. The size of portions does this make a more common occurrence. It is so common that most places will offer to pack up left-over food, so the customer does not even need to ask. The restaurants stock containers and bags for just this purpose.

Last night, we visited Cattlemen’s in Dixon, which offered an interesting variation on the theme; they would seal unfinished bottles of wine and allow you to take those home. This is not a likely event if I am at the table.

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  1. haha as a California I can attest to the common occurrence of taking food home but never have I heard of offering to cork a bottle of wine to take, good idea though, wine should never be wasted!

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