The Scarcity of Frozen Water

I had lunch in Nandos in Carlisle station last week, as I waited for my brother’s train. I ordered a glass of Lemonade with the meal. The woman poured the drink into the glass. She did not ask if I wanted ice, nor provided even a single unsolicited lump. It was a shock that I was surprised. After all even if ice is provided in a drink here in the UK, it is one or at most two pieces. Five years on the US have changed my expectations.
The situation is the same at my parents’ house. There is no ice maker in the freezer and they do not have an ice tray in use. Previously, this would not have bothered me, but I now I expect and want ice in my drinks.

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  1. I do hope that Beer is an exception, otherwise we may not be able to remain friends 😉

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