Flu shots

I had a Doctor’s appointment earlier this week, as I wanted some sleeping pills to help offset the impact of jet-lag and help me sleep on a trans-Atlantic flight. I was asked by the nurse if I wanted a flu shot. I replied in the negative, as work will provide the shot. When I saw the doctor he noted that I had declined and asked for confirmation. I again declined.
After the appointment, I was waiting outside and heard the Doctor talk to a pharmaceutical sales rep. He said he had been left holding a lot of shots last year, so was jabbing anyone who came in this year. This was an unwelcome reminder of one of the drawbacks to the insurance based US medical system, even for those fortunate enough to be covered.

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  1. Good thing the pharm rep wasn’t selling Ativan; the doc might be labeled a ‘pusher’.

    Wait, what am I saying?? Will you email me the name of your doctor please? 😉

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