Fast Food Service

I know that you do not go to a fast food provider for the excellent customer service, but I do expect a certain minimum level to be met. It seems I set my sights too high. On Monday, I was short of time at lunch after an 11am meeting ran long and I had a 1pm session to attend.

My wife picked me up and we went to Jack in the Box. We ordered the Ultimate Cheeseburger with added pickles and onions. The burgers arrived, we bit into them and realized that they were bereft of the requested added ingredients. My wife went to the counter with the two burgers to point out the omission. A few moments later one of the staff returned with two burgers wrapped in the usual greaseproof paper. I was slightly perturbed that she offered no apology, but the major shock hit us when we unwrapped the food. Instead of newly cooked burgers with the requested onions and pickles, they had just added those ingredients to the burgers from which we had take a bite. I am glad I was with my wife and not a colleague from work, as without dental forensics we had no way of distinguishing one bite from the other.

Fortunately, when next we are in a hurry, there are several other fast food establishments in the area. I do not think I shall be returning to that Jack in the Box any time soon

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