European PI day

Here in the US, PI day is 14 March (3/14) since 3.14 is PI to 3 significant places. Writing dates in the International format, 14/3 looks a lot less like PI. Yesterday, 22nd July, is a better date to pick as PI day for non-Americans as the ratio 22/7 is an approximation for PI.

A group of colleagues from work decided to celebrate this auspicious day with an evening of “geekery”.  We took advantage of Netflix having recently added four of the five Star Trek series to their streaming content to watch one episode of each.

From the original series we saw The City on the Edge of Forever, the story written by Harlan Ellison and featuring a guest appearance from Joan Collins. The Next Gen representative was the thoughtful Darmok, which has the acting debut of Ashley Judd in a minor role as an engineering ensign. From Voyager we watched the character piece Someone to Watch Over Me. The final piece was Carbon Creek from Enterprise. It was not intentional in the selection process, but this episode had echoes of the first one we had seen with the theft of clothes and use of woollen hats to cover Vulcan ears.


The other Trek series, Deep Space Nine, arrives in October. We should do a similar event at some point after that, if only to provide an excuse to watch the DS9 tribble episode, preferably in combination with the original one. From last night’s viewing, we even have a suitable date; April 5 which is the anniversary of first contact between humans and Vulcans. The 2013 instance, which is exactly fifty years before the event falls on a Friday, so that would be an ideal day for Trek celebrations

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  1. Poor Jeri Ryan – could hardly breathe in that Seven of Nine costume.

    Great fun last night – LLAP!

  2. I like your new icon

  3. Merci! It’s approximately 22/7’s better than the old one.

  4. Why is there no european pi day on the 31st of April? Geeks of europe, unite!

    • Clearly i am an idiot.

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