Tales of the City

I was back in the UK in October 2009 for my mother’s 80th birthday. It was the first time since emigration that I had met up with my half-sisters. We were in the local pub and Sally asked that as I lived so close to SF, had I read “Tales of the City“. I responded in the negative. After lunch she went for a walk, dropped into a local secondhand bookshop, found a copy of the book and bought it for me.

I read it during my stay and adored the style and content. The short chapters suited reading opportunities whilst on holiday at my parents. On returning to the US, I bought several more of the series and read them with just as much pleasure. The plots might be far fetched, but the characters feel real.

A few months back I saw a poster for “Tales of the City – A New Musical”. As soon as I saw it, it made sense. The episodic nature of the books seemed a natural fit for a musical. When we had a playwright friend visit, it seemed the ideal opportunity to go into the city and attend a performance.

The whole experience was wonderful. The ACT building is a great venue. The staging, pacing, performances, and music were all spot on. Jake Shears from The Scissor Sisters had a score that echoed the 70s to perfection. The plot used elements from the first two books, which helped explain some important character issues that were left unresolved from the opening book.

The way that seventies SF was shown on stage might have appeared over the top, but that afternoon we had walked down Market through Gay Pride, so the play seemed positively tame.

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