Not so smart technology

My DVR demonstrated a failing yesterday. I set it to record the Women’s World Cup Final and it did so, but took no account of the extra time and penalties. Thus, I watched ninety minutes of an entertaining game that the US should have won, but for some horrible defending that allowed Japan to score a late equaliser.

I did not see extra time or penalties, but had to check online to see the outcome. The USA again had all the chances in extra time, took the lead, only to surrender it again with three minutes remaining. USA scored just once from the spot-kicks and lost 3-1. Congratulations to Japan.


Note to self, when setting DVR to record a game I need to make sure that I extend recording time for extra time and penalties – unless England are playing in which case I need just include extra time as the outcome of penalties is a foregone conclusion

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  1. My PVR allows me to choose between “timer” and “event”. Event relies upon a signal transmitted by the broadcaster that signals the start and finish of he program. This prevents unscheduled overruns or delayed starts from spoiling the recording

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