A Weekend of Contrasts

I am sat in the garden, sipping a glass of wine, reflecting on a busy weekend. Not only was it two very enjoyable days, but a perfect example of the diversity that this part of the world offers. I had a friend in town, one who loves theater and walking; so the events were tailored to him.

Yesterday, we went into San Francisco, catching the ferry from Vallejo. It is a one hour trip that delivers you to the edge of the financial district. We walked a couple of miles up Market Street to a Brazilian restaurant for lunch. Then wandered back down to watch a matinee performance of Tales of the City. More on the musical in a later post. On the way down the street, we saw hordes of people dressed to the nines on their way to a Pride event. It was a fun day in one of the world’s great cities.

Today we drove out to Stinson beach, which is a few miles from Sa Francisco, as the crow flies but requires several miles of driving along a twisting road that follows a mountain pass and then the rugged coastline. We parked and walked the 4 miles up the Matt Davis Trail to Pantoll and back down the Steep Ravine trail for 3 miles. The walk is uphill and then downhill. Walking along the trail we passed through conifers, above the tree-line into dry grass covered hill sides, back into forest along a steep gorge that included redwoods, and then open moorland with views to the ocean and back to the mountain from which we descended. A day of walking that felt as though we were in the middle of nowhere. A total contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city.

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It has been a while since I last posted. In fact it has been about five months. In my defense, I have tended to post my thoughts on Twitter. More topics, if much more brief. I also never made a commitment to post on a particular schedule. I never gave a date for my next post, such commitments can come back to haunt one.

In the spring of last year, a nearby road was shut. The promised date for reopening was September. The the date moved to end of October, then the end of the year. It reopened in late March. It took nearly a year to change the junction layout and resurface half a mile of road. Now instead of one four-way junction, with a set of lights, we have two three-way junctions with enough traffic lights for an entire town. The design is my someone who has never driven, or tried crossing the road.

At least the local road company has learnt its lesson. There is another road closing tomorrow. The date for reopening is 7/29/1 – using US date formats. An exact day has been given, but which of the remaining nine years of the decade that day will fall is being withheld.

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