US Measures

I have been aware for some time that a gallon in the US is different from a UK gallon. The UK gallon is about 4.55 liters, compared to 3.79 liters in the US version. Today, I learnt that the week also has a different definition in the US. I think most of the country uses the seven days in a week definition, but the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) uses a different measure.

I applied for a renewal of my driver’s license on 1st December. I was told that it might take up to six weeks to be delivered. I would have expected to receive it on January 12 at the latest. Two weeks later, I contact the DMV. They acknowledge the receipt of payment for renewal on December 2nd. I will get my license in 3-4 weeks. The DMV site still warns that licenses take up to six weeks, so if there is still four weeks on my wait, it follows that just two weeks have elapsed by their understanding of time. This suggests that the DMV week is twenty eight days long. I should get my license by the last week of May.

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New Year

We had assorted neighbors over to see in the new year. One couple were of Puerto Rican origin. They introduced us to an interesting tradition. As we were filling flutes with champagne, they asked for a mug of water. As midnight approached, they asked for the door to the garden to be opened. When the New Year arrived, they threw the water outside. This represented all of the tears from the last twelve months being thrown out. This seemed a delightfully symbolic and forward looking way of starting 2011

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