Suspicious Behaviour

In a country in which torture is fine, if you have a note from your lawyer, and financial fraud is rewarded with government aid when you are caught, it might seem difficult to run afoul of the law. I have found an offense that so horrifies people that they are willing to call the cops: it is that most unAmerican activity – walking.

I walk to and from work on most dry days. Our newest neighbor admitted to my wife that she nearly called the police when she saw me walking down the street. I really don’t think that I look like a hardened criminal, nor do I move in a manner that I would see as skulking. It was just their assumption that someone on foot after dark was obviously up to no good.

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  1. Ha Ha. My brother moved to Las Vegas about 10 years ago. He enjoys gardening and will shin up the palm trees to trim them. One of his neighbours (note neighboUrs :)) admitted to him that they assumed he was Mexican!

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