Taking its toll

I used a credit card today to pay an 80c charge. It probably took me 15 minutes to pay the charge. Let me explain this seemingly odd behaviour.

On Wednesday I was in Illinois driving back from a business trip in the Chicago suburb of Wheeling to O’Hare International airport. It is a drive of less than 30 minutes, with most of it on I294, a toll road. On the way from the airport, the toll had been a dollar and I received change from a five buck bill at the booth. On the return trip, there was no manned booth, the toll was 80c and the machines only took coins. There was no way to pay as all I had by way of coins was three quarters (25c coins).
Why charge a different amount on the way back?
Why require coins as payment?
Why, on the exit for the airport and car rental returns is there not a manned booth to handle strange strangers who lack the pile of coins needed to pay.
There was a notice with a URL to allow payments via the web, so having made a note of the car’s license plate at the rental return I was able to make payment once back at home.
All this effort for 80c.

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