Cancelled Shows

US Television is very focused on ratings and tends to cancel shows that do not perform as desired with extreme prejudice. This month has seen two shows killed prematurely; both were better than average and one held the promise of possible future greatness, but no longer are shows allowed to mature.

ABC announced that there will be no second season of The Gates, a supernatural show set in a middle class gated community. The show had started with promise and built to an excellent climax at season end. The largest problem is that the finale ended on a cliffhanger and no sense of resolution. For that reason I cannot recommend watching it, as by the end you will care too much about the characters to accept being left in the air.

The other show was on “SyFy”. It was called Caprica and was set a generation before the events of Battlestar Galactica. It started in a slightly uneven manner, but had flashes of promise. It stopped halfway through the season. It came back at the start of October. Now it has been announced that no second season will be made and the remaining episodes will not be shown until 2011. This makes even watching the one season a task that requires dedication. I hope that it can finish with some sense of closure or at least without a major cliffhanger.

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