My wife has been looking after her niece in Southern California. I have been twice in the last couple of weeks to visit her. Courtesy of a pair of annual passes, we have had five days at Disneyland and its sister park, California Adventure. Today was the coldest day of the five, and it was still about 20C. With the annual pass, one can switch between parks at will, an opportunity of which we took full advantage.

There is something a little odd about California Adventure; a park featuring highlights of the state of California that is located in the state of California. I can see the real Golden Gate and Palace of Fine Arts within 40 miles of home and the real Hollywood is about the same distance from the park. The rides, although more limited than the main park, are great fun. It would seem that the park ran out of cash before completion, so they had to avoid the purchase of the letter “G”; hence the coaster California Screamin’ and the simulator Soarin’ over California.

It amazed me how many little girls were dressed up in full princess costumes; very cute, but not ideal wear for walking and queuing all day long.

The climate is better suited to theme parks than the UK, but I was so soaked on the rapids ride that it still took five hours to dry put fully on a hot sunny day wit the temperature around 30C.

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