Car Hire in the Twitter Age

I was in Chicago on business at the start of this week. We had a rental car booked via work. My colleague and I arrived curbside where the buses that take you to the rental lots pull up. We were with National. There were buses waiting for Hertz and Avis. We waited as several more Hertz and Avis buses came and left as did four from Enterprise and a few from Thrifty. Annoyed at this delay, made worse by all of National’s competitors sending bus after bus, I posted a complaint to Twitter.

Eventually a bus from National arrived and it made is way to the rental lot. Progress was slow as at each of the subsequent airport terminals there were lots of people who had arrived during the delay for the next bus. At the lot, we were offered the choice of any car in the Emerald Club section. Unfortunately, all but four of the cars were Chevy HHR and more than four people disembarked ahead of me, so my choice was which colour of HHR. Worse cars exist than the HHR, but I do not think that Trabants and Yugos are used in rental fleets.

When I arrived at the hotel I checked my phone and I had a Twitter message from National apologizing for the delay. Clearly they check Twitter for references and follow up. The apology, the ease of the service at pickup, lack of real choice notwithstanding, and speed of return at end of rental makes me willing to rent from National again.

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