There is a website that analyzes a piece of your writing and names a famous author whose writing style matches your own. I tried nine entries from this blog. Four of them resulted in comparisons to four different authors; Margret Attwood, Mary Shelly, Lewis Carroll, and Dan Brown. The other five all claimed that my prose was similar to David Foster Wallace; the only one of the writers of whom I had not previously heard.

He wrote two complete novels and had a third unfinished at the time of his death. There is much praise for his work, but also really biting criticism:

David Foster Wallace is one of those really bad writers who decided, long ago, that he would hide his lack of talent, acumen, and skill behind a blizzard of words, then laugh at anyone unwilling to engage them as not understanding his genius.

That does not sound like the feeling I want to create among those who read the blog. Maybe, I should analyze more text until David Foster Wallace is no longer the site’s majority suggestion.

The above text is apparently like HP Lovecraft, which given the absence of adjectives such as eldritch and gibbering is difficult to understand.

[I Write Like]

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