GPS with attitude

I have commented in the past how calm GPS voices are when you ignore their advice. They never respond by yelling, “I said Turn Right, how did you miss that.”, they just calmly recalculate a route. Now from Tom Tom comes a new set of voices for their GPS where ignoring the advice might not be such a good idea. Warned you have been

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Coffee with Everything

This has been a weekend heavily influenced by coffee. On Saturday we went to a concert in the grounds of Vezer. In addition to their excellent Cab and Zin wines, we had a cheese plate which came with coffee beans. The combination of the beans and cheese was excellent; complimenting the pepper of the Zin perfectly.

Today we went to take pictures along Putah Creek. We stopped in the town of Winters for lunch. We ate at Steady Eddy’s. The coffee shop offered a range of paninis and interesting coffee shop. I order a Frozen Berryessa; a slushy drink made of coffee, white chocolate and strawberries. It was not overly sweet, and the flavour combination worked well.

Winters is clearly a favoured haunt of cyclists. We saw lots of bicycles and teh coffee shop had a sign advertising locks for loan, so you could chain your bike to their railings.

There was a farmers market, which is apparently a weekly event throughout the summer. Since we were at the start of our day, had no ice chest, and it was delightfully warm, we could not purchase anything. We shall go back, the locally raised lamb sounded especially appealing.

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