The Doctor

Saturday brings us the third story of the Doctor’s 31st season. As previously recorded, I loved the opener. The second story made me shiver with fear and brought tears to my eyes; which is what I want from Who.

Neither episode matches Moffat’s best nor reaches my all time Top Ten, but these are the best two openers of a season since 1976 and season 14 started with The Masque of Mandragora and The Hand of Fear. I am starting to understand what  Matt Smith brings to the role. The new companion has an obsession with the Doctor from childhood that  resonates with me. She has, as the second episode shows, a more confident moral compass than any to which I could aspire.


I wish that Moffat had the confidence to face his first season without Daleks and Cybermen. I understand the attraction that these classic monsters bring, but the series is more than that. The show’s finest years include many without either foe.

The third episode trailers shows Churchill with Daleks as British secret weapons. This feels out of kilter, as the whole point of Daleks is that they are Nazis; racial supremacists ne plus ultra. The idea of a Dalek with a British flag on it during our fight against Dalek ideas seems so wrong. I hope that the plot addresses that dichotomy. 

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