All in a Name

There are some brand names that are so well known that they replace the generic name. In the UK, people use the verb Hoover to mean use a vacuum cleaner. Sell tape and Scotch Tape are used, one on each side of the Atlantic, to refer to sticky tape. In more recent years, Google has become a verb meaning to search on the internet.

It would seem that one company at least is trying to fight back against this latest lexicographic trend. Microsoft have a rival, far less used search engine called Bing. In a recent episode of Vampire Diaries, one of the characters is showing another the results of an internet search and says “I Binged this”. Since no one says that in real life, it is almost the result of sponsor’s dollars. As a side note, a person died as the direct result of this exercise in Binging; I suggest you stick with Google or Yahoo for your safety

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