Wine Tasting

Being driven down the Silverado Trail and stopping to taste wine on the way is a delightful way to spend an afternoon. On Monday, I visited four wineries, though the first is not strictly on the Silverado, being between Yountville and the road. Two of the places specialised in Cabernet Sauvignon; the second of which had two tastings of Cabs from the same year, but different parts of the vineyard; they had distinctly different tastes. A couple of the tastings were from bottles that were well the high side of $100; they tasted good but not $140 worth of excellence.

The first three wineries that we visited fitted the pattern of Napa tasting rooms; smart, upmarket places that reflect substantial investment in design and building. The last tasting room was at Van Der Hayden. It had aspirations of being a shack, the toilet was a portaloo outside. The lack of decor did not impact on the quality of the wine. An unoaked Chardonnay and a late harvest Petite Sirah being especially good.

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  2. Why are my toilets always on building sites and never on wineries? Life’s so unfair!

  3. Why are our toilets in rainy England and not sunny California? Life IS unfair!:)

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