The Wrath Of Khan

It is odd how one’s perception of a film depends so much on context. I first saw Star Trek II (Wrath of Khan) as part of a triple bill of Trek movies in the mid-eighties; where there were just three. Having just seen set the ponderous and overlong Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Wrath seemed action packed and fast-moving. However, I did notice that the scene of The Enterprise leaving space dock was identical to the one from the first movie.

I watched Wrath of Khan over the weekend, having recently watched the TV episode “Space Seed” to which the movie is a sequel. It no longer seemed so fast paced, as the story felt like a TV episode stretched out over the length of a film. In close proximity to the TV show I was irritated by a continuity issue. Chekov is the crew member who first finds Khan, they recognise each other, but Chekov was not a crew member until the second season, so they never met.


The film is still thoroughly entertaining, part of the odd even rule for Trek movies that recognises the odd ones as being turkeys and the even ones as being decent. Ricardo Montalban is excellent as the villain; his performance more restrained as he reprises the part.

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