People are Strange

Google has a feature that will suggest searches based on what you start to type. Thus if you type “Norw”, terms such as “Norwich University” are listed. The suggestions are based on popular search terms entered by other users. So far this seems fine, but there is something rather unsettling about the suggestions. I thought that I knew people were strange, but I realise know that my experience is very sheltered – there are people for whom strange is not a sufficient adjective.

Type “why wont”
Google’s first response with “why wont my parakeet eat my diarrhea”

Type “is it wrong”
Google responds with a whole set of unsettling suggestions

Google Is It Wrong 

Type “is it ethical” and the suggestions are far less redneck

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  1. Yes, those are definitely in the redneck category, as I didn’t see: Is it wrong to send one’s fundamentalist Christian sister-in-law a gift basket from Stonewall Kitchen?

    OK, now I’m going to be singing that song all evening!

  2. Rednecks don’t know what ‘ethical’ means, let alone spell or pronounce it, so it’s unlikely to get into Google’s list of suggestions. (Actually if pushed to guess, a redneck might suggest that ‘ethical’ was the Muslim Sect which Pres B H Obama is a member of from his homeland of Elbonia)

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