The Unfriendly Skies

Let me start the post my apologizing to any remaining readers about the length of time since the last post – all of September passed by without a post.I mark my return with a whinge.

I am  on the way back from the UK for my mother’s 80th birthday. I am writing this in the lounge at Dules International waiting my flight to San Francisco. Yesterday, I attempted to check in online. United airlines requested my flight details, my passport details, and finally my Green Card information. Having found all of this information and entered it across three screens, the website told me that online check-in was not possible for the destination. Thank you.

I then wondered if I could change my booking to a more convenient route, preferably on the direct flight to SF. I enter my booking number and it offers me a an opportunity to change the outbound flight from last week, but not the one in the future.

The final piece of poor support was at the airport. All of the United flights check in through a single set of desks. There were five open desks; three for first and business, one for people who had checked in online, and one for the rest of cattle class. Given the difficulty of checking in online there was no surprise that there was an almost no line in that line. The line for economy was long and with but a single desk it moved slowly and was growing.Despite vocal complaints no one was moved from the trio sitting around and waiting for business class, or the lone person dealing with those who despite the site’s best attempts had managed to check in online.

The flight to Dulles was fine, so my whinge ends with the dropping of my bag – which has made it to Washington.

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