Employment Culture

Below is a link to a very interesting presentation on Netflix corporate culture. They seem to be focused on hiring and retaining outstanding individuals and then trusting them to do their best for the company. One of the ways in which they show that trust is to extend the idea of not tracking hours worked, which is not uncommon, to include vacation. There is no ten day limit, but a trust that people will not take so much vacation that it negatively impacts their work. I believe that trusted employees will generally reward that trust.

Many companies talk about wanting to hire the best. Netflix seem to have a culture that is designed to do that, pay them well, and part company with those who do not achieve.  I also liked the emphasis on making decisions and not being stuck in analysis paralysis; a course of work that is dear to my heart.

The result of these policies is a successful company, both financially and from a customer satisfaction point of view.

Netflix presentation

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