Total Pretension of the Heart

OK, I admit I love Jin Steinman’s song writing, but this video is a wonderful pastiche of his work.

If you are not familiar with the original here it is

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Optimism Gone

The pre-season optimism evaporated within 45 minutes. Norwich City were 5-0 down by half-time. They lost 7-1; their heaviest home defeat ever. I would say that it can only get better, but I cannot manage to clutch at that straw.

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Spell Cheque

This is a NSFW video on the problems with using a spell checker and the importance of proofreading.

Impotence of Proofreading
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New Season

After last season’s disastrous campaign which ended with relegation to England’s third tier in half a century, I have hope for a rapid return to the Championship for Norwich City. The new season starts with a home game against Colchester United on Saturday. The close season transfer activity that saw a large number of promising players signed has led to an even higher than normal level of pre-season optimism; that will hopefully last beyond the first ninety minutes.

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More Branding Craziness

I wrote previously on Pizza Hut’s rebranding as The Hut. Electronics chain “Radio Shack” have followed suit and are becoming “The Shack”. This post on The Consumerist shows us where this fad for shortening the name might end

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Employment Culture

Below is a link to a very interesting presentation on Netflix corporate culture. They seem to be focused on hiring and retaining outstanding individuals and then trusting them to do their best for the company. One of the ways in which they show that trust is to extend the idea of not tracking hours worked, which is not uncommon, to include vacation. There is no ten day limit, but a trust that people will not take so much vacation that it negatively impacts their work. I believe that trusted employees will generally reward that trust.

Many companies talk about wanting to hire the best. Netflix seem to have a culture that is designed to do that, pay them well, and part company with those who do not achieve.  I also liked the emphasis on making decisions and not being stuck in analysis paralysis; a course of work that is dear to my heart.

The result of these policies is a successful company, both financially and from a customer satisfaction point of view.

Netflix presentation

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Money Making Opportunities

They say a fool and his money are soon parted. If that adage is true, I see a way to make large amounts of money even in this depressed US economy. According to a recent poll less than  a third of those questioned who identified themselves as Republican believed that President Obama was born in the US. This suggests that there are a significant number of Americans who do not wish to be confused by facts and do not actually read real news. This a demographic of fools that could easily be plundered for money. Alternatively, this is another example of a poor grasp on geography; maybe only 30% of Republicans know that Hawaii is part of the US.

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Vote Often

I have found a horribly addictive online game. It is called Flickchart and it is a site on which you rank movies. You are shown two random films and you click the one you prefer. If you have not seen one or both of them, you can request that a change. By repeating this process, the site builds a ranked list of your favourite movies.  Sometimes the comparisons are easy, “Casablanca” or “The Avengers”; on other occasions you are left pondering “Taxi Driver” versus “There Will Be Blood”

I have ranked over 550 different movies that I have seen, in over a 1000 comparisons and my top twenty now looks as follows:

  1. Apocalypse Now
  2. Pan’s Labyrinth
  3. Big Fish
  4. Beauty and the Beast
  5. Psycho
  6. The Lost Boys
  7. A History of Violence
  8. Hellboy
  9. The Shawshank Redemption
  10. Star Wars
  11. Citizen Kane
  12. 12 Angry Men
  13. Blade Runner
  14. Toy Story
  15. There Will Be Blood
  16. Taxi Driver
  17. The Assassination of Jesse James by The Coward Robert Ford
  18. Bambi
  19. Being John Malkovich
  20. Some Like It Hot

The list is not the one that I would have created from scratch. My handpicked top twenty would not have “Psycho” and “Beauty and the Beast” so high (Plus I would have Jean Cocteau “La Belle and Le Bête” and not the Disney one) I don’t think that “Hellboy”, “Taxi Driver”, “The Assassination, Bambi”, or “Being John Malkovich” would be in that top twenty. Missing from the list is “Casablanca”, “Pulp Fiction”, “The Matrix”, “The Crow”, and “The Third Man”, all of which would make a handpicked list. The positions 21-40 include these and several other movies that might make a better choice for the top 20. When the random number generator offers me a choice between one of the missing films and the cuckoos in the nest, the list will look better; which underlines the problem with this ranking method and also helps to explain why clicking on the site is so addictive.

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