We needed bookshelves for my office. We had bought some on the previous weekend from Target; the design of these were deeply flawed. The vertical sides were in two pieces, held together by two screws; this did not give the shelves the structural integrity that is needed for them to stand-up, let alone stand-up with books in them.

This weekend we took them back and drove on to Ikea. The Ikea here in California is just like the ones in the UK, so not an ideal topic for my blog. The same layout, that walks you for a couple of miles through the maze like displays even if you know exactly what you want. The signs are just the same, albeit with a dollar sign and not a pound sign. Kids are running wild on the furniture. The only difference is that the checkout line did not take hours. There was one person, who was nearly done on front of us.

I then purchased a collection of marinated herring  and we went across the road to a shopping area for lunch. For the first time in over two years we ate at a California Pizza Kitchen – seller of gourmet pizzas; unfortunately they no longer have their curry pizza, which had always struck me as the perfect “bloke” pizza. I ate a Santa Fe Chicken pizza.

Then it was home and constructing the shelves. This was accomplished and then the boxes of books that I shipped from the UK, nearly three years ago were opened and placed in my new furniture. The next step is to order the books correctly. My Presidential books are already Washington to Clinton, but my Doctor Who books are in random order.

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