Over recent years in the UK, we have seen many sweets have their name changed: Opal Fruits became Starbursts, Marathon bars became Snickers. This latter name change seemed the daftest one of all, change a cool impressive name to a silly sounding one that evokes giggles.

Here in the US, there seems to be a trend to rebrand fast food outlets, taking the notion of speeding things up to the name itself. An ice-cream parlour chain called Dairy Queen rebranded itself as DQ; a shorter name that no longer tells you what the store does. Kentucky Fried Chicken moved to KFC in 1991. Now another chain follows suit with Pizza Hut rebranding as The Hut; once more removing from the name the foodstuff with which they are most closely associated.


As this story covering the change mentions, any Star Wars geek is going to have an unfortunate association with the new name [Consumerist]

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  1. Given the awful mess of faux tomato sauce and artificial cheese-like-ish product used by that chain, perhaps the name change is appropriate.

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