Product Placement

Product placement is the name for in film advertising, where a corporation pays for its products to be display prominently in a movie. The Bond films have led the way, as can be seen from this montage from Casino Royale.

At the weekend, I saw the delightful Pixar movie, Up. It had a very odd example product placement, a mention in dialogue and then a scene outside an ice-cream parlour. This was not a multi-national like Baskin-Robbins or Hargen-Das, or even Diary Queen. This was Fenton’s, an ice-cream parlour with just two outlets; one in Vacaville and the original in Oakland. The latter one is not far from the Pixar studios, so I imagine that the creators of the film must enjoy the excellent ice-cream and included this nod to an Oakland institution.


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  1. I have fond memories of Fenton’s! Every summer Sunday my sisters and I begged my parents to lunch there after church. It wasn’t a hard sell, as my parents had both grown up in Oakland and were quite happy to visit.

    Glad to hear it received a mention.

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