The Shadow over Baseball

Baseball is game that continues to struggle with the taint of an ongoing drugs scandal. The player who holds the record for most home runs in a career and in a season, Barry Bonds is known to have taken steroids. This knowledge led to a lack of excitement as the player approached the career record for home runs in 2007.

In February of last year, Roger Clemens, former pitcher for the New York Yankees testified to Congress about steroids in the game. He denied that he had taken steroids, contradicting statements from his former trainer.

Before this season began, one of the stars for the New York Yankees, Alex Rodriguez, was outed as having taken steroids in the past. He had failed a test in 2003, before Major League Baseball had a policy to punish players for taking drugs. The results of these tests had been confidential, but Rodriguez’s name was leaked in February of this year; not exactly news at internet speed.

Last week Manny Ramirez, star for the LA Dodgers failed a drugs test and was banned for fifty games. He rolled out the old excuse that it was a prescription from a doctor and he had not known what it contained.

The introduction of random testing was supposed to clean up the sport, but the Ramirez incidence shows that the cheats are still there.

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