One Hit Wonders

Don’Stuff published a post about One Hit Wonders. I found the post interesting, because some of the bands listed were not one hot wonders from a UK perspective or if they were not for the listed song.

The list has Flock of Seagulls mentioned for I Ran (So Far Away), but I associate them with with Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You). The parentheses loving band had their only top ten US hit with the former song and their only top ten UK hit with the latter.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood had three UK Number One hits, so clearly don’t count as One Hit Wonders from a British perspective.

A-Ha are in this list for Take On Me, which whilst their best known song, was not a Number One hit in the UK, a feat that they achieved with The Sun Always Shines on TV. They had nine UK Top Ten singles, the most recent was 2006, and several more top twenty hits. They also recorded a Bond theme song, hardly the sign of a transient artist.


I could continue through the list, but I think my point is made; even with something as universal as music the two countries have a markedly different experience. I suspect that a UK one hit wonders list would include artists who had stronger careers on this side of the pond.

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