How Green Was My Grass

I have always found it odd that nearly every home in California has neat well tended grass at the front; even in the desert climate of Southern California. We do get rain here in the North of the state, but not on the year round basis needed to keep the grass green. The grass therefore needs to be watered regularly, usually through automatic sprinkler systems.

The problem is that in areas of the State hit hard by foreclosures empty houses do not have the sprinkler systems running. The lawns turn brown, and this makes it even harder to sell homes. In Stockton, CA one man has seen a business opportunity and is offering to spray paint the grass green.

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  1. At the weekend I helped a friend move house. We were peering from her upstairs bedroom into the neighbours’ well-tended garden. The grass looked perfect. Too perfect. It was artificial. This is so un-english, I now harbour reservations about the neighbourhood she has moved into, despite it’s quiet and leafy outward appearance.

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