So Say We All

Tonight I am having a BSG Finale party. I having people over to watch the last episode of Battlestar Galactica; well to be honest one person is coming over to watch with me whilst his wife and another friend are coming over to eat, drink, and chat. This is a major advantage of not having the TV in the main room; we can enjoy the last two hours of this series without imposing Adama et al on the non-geeks.

The last two hour episode has a lot of questions to answer and loose ends to tie-up. I am hoping that this is all done in a satisfactory manner; if it is not at least the company and the drink will be good

I'll Drinkk to that

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  1. I’m looking for answers too, but we probably won’t get them until the June TV special/movie, “The Plan”.

    I have my malt in and will be doing a lonely BSG drinking game: a shot for each on-show drink, smoke, projection, hug, shouting, crying, or fight. Two shots per “So say we all”. And drain the glass if a known character dies.

  2. The drinking game sounds like a good idea. I would also add a drink for every variation on the word frak and for piece of Bob Dylan that plays.

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