Bailout Park

It is a sad fact of modern life both here and in the US that sports stadiums are increasingly named after corporate sponsors rather than have real names. In the UK Arsenal play at The Emirates Stadium and Bolton at The Reebok. In the US, the New York Mets, a baseball team, played their last season at The Shea Stadium. This was named after William A Shea, who was responsible for bringing National League baseball back to New York after the Dodgers and the Giants had moved cross country to California.

The famous stadium is now demolished to make parking space for the new home of the Mets, Citi Field. This is named for its sponsor Citigroup, one of the financial institutions that needed government money to survive; making this sponsorship and naming even more controversial. If you are travelling on the subway to the stadium, you will not see any signs that say Citi Field, as the authority that run the subway have refused to pay to change the signs to advertise the corporate brand, so it will say Mets/Willets Point.

New York’s other baseball team, the much hated Yankees is also going to play in a new stadium this year after 85 years in Yankee Stadium. Their new ballpark is called New Yankee Stadium; a name pleasingly bereft of corporate sponsorship.

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