Presidents’ Day Part II

I attempted to watch Kennedy, a mini-series on the Presidency of JFK; a fact you might have been able to deduce from the title. I got through the opening five minutes of worst acting ever, but even the presence of Martin Sheen could not save this dull train-wreck of 1980s TV. Disc 1 goes back to Netflix after 40 minutes of the fours have been watched.


From CSpan an updated list of Presidential ratings. It seems a little early to asses George W Bush’s presidency with accuracy, which may explain why he is rated so highly in this list. Thanks to Don’Stuff for first linking to this list

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  1. I have yet to see a good film on Kennedy. This may be from lack of information. Any good ones to recommend?

  2. Speaking of Bush’s ratings … check this out:

  3. This Kennedy mini series is good, this Brit from California is out to lunch, the only criticism I have for this film is the actor who plays Martin Luther King is terrible, especially when he tries to do the “I have a Dream,” speech. Sheen plays the best Kennedy I’ve ever seen, The actors who play Robert Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy and J. Edgar Hoover are superb.

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