On the Move

I started working here in Northern California in January 2007; just over two years ago. Tomorrow, I shall move offices for the third time in those 25 months. I started on the first floor, moved to the second floor after four months, then was relocated to the ground floor in June of last year, and on Friday found that I shall return to the top floor.

The move is a good thing, I shall be closer to colleagues that I like and work with and my staff are getting a far better environment. The ground floor was far too open and having to listen to long conversations about pregnancy, the best flavour of V8 juice, and where to have your nails done is not conducive to work. Normally, these relocations are met with indifference at best, but when I delivered the news on Friday my team reacted with glee and applause. It is unfortunate that the most valuable team member was the one exception, she had a cubicle by a window and there is no such option on the second floor as offices use all of the available glass.

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  1. I have an idea about how to get your MVP some window. It is, however, not likely to be approved by the person at the helm. 😉

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