One Down

I posted at the start of the year about the films in the IDMB top 100 that I had never seen. I have been using Netflix to catch up with Battlestar Galactica, which I managed to do last weekend. I watched the first of the missing movies last night; the excellent Shawshank Redemption. Not for the first and probably not for the last time, I saw a movie that lost out in the Oscars to an inferior film. It received seven nominations, winning none of them whilst Forrest Gump won six that year; including Best Picture; which  Shawshank Redemption better deserved. I would also argue that Pulp Fiction was a better film than Forrest, though not Shawshank.

I am taking a break from that IMDB list by adding Quiz Show to the top of my Netflix list, another of the 1995 nominees for Best Picture.

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  1. I am pleased you liked Shawshank Redemption. I was myself skeptical until I saw it and experienced the incredible performances that transcended already-excellent material.

    I really liked Quiz Show – again, a film with impressive performances.

  2. You sure do have excellent taste in movies! Have fun watching them! Nice blog to visit!

  3. I’m not sure how to compare Shawshank Redemption with Pulp Fiction. SR was worthy and deadlyk serious. PF was styish, with a panache and confidence few films before or since have had. Each had a quite different take on male rape.

    A film recommendation I have no dobut you will enjoy: In The Loop, Armando Iannucci’s gut-bustingly funny take on the buildup to the Iraq war. A smash hit at Sundance, I managed to sneak a peek at the Glasgow Film Festival. Miss at your peril.

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