They Start with I

It is a cliché that Americans have a narrow world-view that recognises little outside the USA. Like all such generalisations, they do have some basis in reality, as I was reminded last weekend. We were eating lunch in one of our favourite local eateries and the son of the owner came across to say “Hello”. We mentioned that we were on the way to the cinema and he recommended a  film that he had recently seen; Slumdog Millionaire.

In giving a summary of the story he twice placed the events in Iraq. I can understand the confusion, there has been so little coverage of Iraq in them media in the last five or six years that a US citizen can hardly be expected to tell the difference between it and India. If only the building at which the hero pretends to be a tour guide was in any way iconic and associated with India, the geographic confusion would not have occurred. Since it is just another domed building with minarets in an Islamic style, as can be seen in the picture below, one can understand how this person placed the events of the the story in Iraq.


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  1. Iraq? I could have sworn it was set in Ireland. 😉

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