Advertising Folgers

Coincidently, just after writing my last blog post, I came across this TV advert for Folgers on The concept of instant Folgers sounds very unappealing. They state it tastes as good as “perc”; no claim that it tastes as good as coffee. The advert is in bad taste as the product itself:

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Crimes against Humanity

In an office environment there are certain social rules by which people should abide to prevent upsetting their co-workers. Breaching some of these rules is a minor offense, but yesterday morning someone in my workplace committed an act so foul that it could almost be considered a felony; they made Folgers in the French Roast pot. To turn this from a mere crime into a hanging offense, this pot had been made at the start of the day, when the need for coffee is at its highest.

The coffee machine at work has three pots, one for decaf, one for the already ground Folgers and one for freshly ground French Roast coffee. It is the last of these that development staff naturally prefer, especially first thing in the morning.

I should explain for those readers fortunate enough not to know about Folgers is it is to coffee what Bud Light is to beer; it may bare the name, but has no resemblance in taste. To be fair to Bud, at least it has almost no taste, the taste and odour of Folgers is distinct, but not like coffee at all. I imagine it may be drinkable with a lot of sugar and flavoured creamers.

There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. The foul liquid was poured into the correct pot, a fresh supply of beans was obtained, ground and the brewing process started. The sound of the grinder brought desperate addicts flocking to the machine, reminding me of refugees heading to a UN food truck. To ensure an orderly process one of my staff took the full pot and carefully poured out some of the precious liquid for each person, so that no one went without.

There is no excuse for playing such cruel tricks on fellow staff, especially as there is a large sign by the machine imploring people not to make the wrong coffee in the pot. A sign written by one of those people who feel that if one exclamation mark is good, three must be better.

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President’s Day Part III

After last week’s failed attempt to watch Kennedy and my recent posts about Forrest Gump, I saw W. last night. Oliver Stone’s film version of the life of George W Bush is entertaining, with an excellent central performance from Josh Brolin. However, with the subject matter and Stone’s reputation one could reasonably expect a deeply satirical and insightful piece, but entertainment was all that it delivered. A film worth watching, but not a classic; there are better movies about the Presidency; Wag the Dog and Dave for starters.

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Too Much Choice

I was in the supermarket yesterday looking for Tonic. I noticed that there were many different types of Coca Cola. I don’t mean different brands of Cola, but various flavours of the famous brand. I counted eleven different varieties; as best I can remember they are:

Coca Cola
Cherry Cola
Caffeine Free Coca Cola
Vanilla Coca Cola
Coke Zero
Diet with Splenda
Diet Caffeine Free
Diet Coke Plus
Diet Coke with Lime
Coca Cola Cherry Zero

I suspect that there may be other flavours available, as there are obviously missing combinations in that list. The counting of eleven options does not differentiate between the different forms of packing; cans and bottles. I wonder if part of the reason for all this variety is to increase the amount of shelf-space occupied at the store.

Pepsi have announced that their Cola and Mountain Dew will have a new flavour available in the US. It will be called Throwback and be sweetened with a revolutionary new product called sugar, in place of the traditional High Fructose Corn Syrup that is used by Pepsi Co and Coca Cola in their full calorie varieties.

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Presidents’ Day Part II

I attempted to watch Kennedy, a mini-series on the Presidency of JFK; a fact you might have been able to deduce from the title. I got through the opening five minutes of worst acting ever, but even the presence of Martin Sheen could not save this dull train-wreck of 1980s TV. Disc 1 goes back to Netflix after 40 minutes of the fours have been watched.


From CSpan an updated list of Presidential ratings. It seems a little early to asses George W Bush’s presidency with accuracy, which may explain why he is rated so highly in this list. Thanks to Don’Stuff for first linking to this list

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President’s Day

Today is a public holiday here in the US, one that my employer, along with many others does not recognise. However, my wife recognises it and gets me a presidential biography each year. I have just opened this year’s book; a biography of Chester Alan Arthur who became President after the assassination of James Garfield.


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Valentine’s Day

I received a present for Valentine’s Day from my wife; Pro-Evolution Soccer for the Wii. I know that sounds odd, but trust me it is appreciated far more than the traditional flowers or chocolate. The game through good use of the Wii controllers seems to flow and play far more like the real beautiful game than any of the many video game versions I have tried in the past.

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On the Move

I started working here in Northern California in January 2007; just over two years ago. Tomorrow, I shall move offices for the third time in those 25 months. I started on the first floor, moved to the second floor after four months, then was relocated to the ground floor in June of last year, and on Friday found that I shall return to the top floor.

The move is a good thing, I shall be closer to colleagues that I like and work with and my staff are getting a far better environment. The ground floor was far too open and having to listen to long conversations about pregnancy, the best flavour of V8 juice, and where to have your nails done is not conducive to work. Normally, these relocations are met with indifference at best, but when I delivered the news on Friday my team reacted with glee and applause. It is unfortunate that the most valuable team member was the one exception, she had a cubicle by a window and there is no such option on the second floor as offices use all of the available glass.

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One Down

I posted at the start of the year about the films in the IDMB top 100 that I had never seen. I have been using Netflix to catch up with Battlestar Galactica, which I managed to do last weekend. I watched the first of the missing movies last night; the excellent Shawshank Redemption. Not for the first and probably not for the last time, I saw a movie that lost out in the Oscars to an inferior film. It received seven nominations, winning none of them whilst Forrest Gump won six that year; including Best Picture; which  Shawshank Redemption better deserved. I would also argue that Pulp Fiction was a better film than Forrest, though not Shawshank.

I am taking a break from that IMDB list by adding Quiz Show to the top of my Netflix list, another of the 1995 nominees for Best Picture.

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Happy Birthday Abe, Chuck, and Ed

Today, is my brother’s birthday. He shares a birthday with Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin. They were both born on 12th February 1809, two hundred years ago. There is a publishing and TV bonanza of material about the sixteenth US president. I imagine interest in Darwin may be a little less wide-spread.

My brother was born in 1970, so next year is his significant birthday. He gets to share his birthday with two great men. I share mine with Rush Limbaugh, PW Botha, and Herman Goring; I seem to be somewhat more liberal in my politics than is typical for those born on my birthday.

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