A Very Peculiar Practice

I wanted to watch a TV series from the eighties, but I had forgotten the title. I had no doubt that I could find it easily for there could only be one show that starred Davidson (Doctor Who) and Troughton (Son of an earlier Doctor) and was about a medical practice on a university Campus I added nuns as an extra search term, for I recalled the presence of a pair of yobbish acting nuns at the start of each episode. A Very Peculiar Practice is the shows name. It is no longer available from Amazon on DVD, but I was able to locate it elsewhere. I have been laid up for the last day or so with a bad back, which has made using a mouse tricky, so I started watching it. The first three episodes of the show have reassured me that it was as witty and interesting as I recall.  I have just seen a very young Hugh Grant, in what was one of his first screen appearances.  The downside is that there are just two series of seven episodes each, so this particular pleasure will be short lived.

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  1. …or often repeated.

  2. Sorry to hear about the back pain. My father suffered from it and it’s no joy at all.

    Have you noticed Flight of the Conchords second season is currently airing?

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